Things to take to university for Freshers Week

Things to take to university

As a Fresher heading to university for the first time it’s hard to plan things to take to university. It’s important to be prepared when you get to University as you won’t want to waste any time getting immersed into Freshers’ life as quickly as possible. 

The Student life is an amazing experience and there’s so much fun to be had if you do it it. Check out our blog on Student Hacks so that you can live your best Student life. Make sure you’re fully packed by using our handy checklist here of the best things to take to university.

Here’s what we think you’ll need to get started…


If you’re lucky, you might walk in to your new digs and be given a bin, a desk chair, and a mattress but I’d call ahead to make sure. 

  1. A duvet, duvet cover, sheets, mattress protector. You may want to take a few pairs of sheets in case there’s a queue for the laundry… or you vomit on your mattress protector on week one (no judgement here). 
  2. Pillows, and pillowcases
  3. Cushions and a rug if you want it more comfy and personal
  4. Decorations to make you feel more at home. Things that hang on door handles, photo frames, candles, fairy lights etc. You’re not always allowed all of these things so do check ahead to avoid getting in any hot water
  5. Photos and blu-tac are a must 
  6. Glue, extra pens, scissors, notebooks and sticky tape
  7. Laptop, phone, chargers, camera
  8. Books, films, speakers
  9. Purse, cards, ID, passport, important documents etc (if you’re fancy, maybe a portable safe to put all of these things into)
  10. handbags/bags/evening bags
  11. Posters to brighten up your bedroom
  12. Clothes suitable for winter and summer! Casual days and dressy nights and be sure to bring enough hangers
  13. Sunglasses (an essential to cover up those massive Freshers eye-bags)
  14. A TV unless your laptop is enough
  15. A drying rack to dry your clothes on
  16. Stationery and books you will need for your course
  17. Laundry hamper, basket to take it down to the laundry room in and cash/change
  18. Ear plugs if you are easily disturbed as there will be quite a few nights where it’s too noisy to sleep
  19. Medicine like paracetamol as let’s face it… Freshers Flu is a real thing. And so are hangovers for those who like a drink
  20. Reed diffusers or scented candles if you’re allowed! 


  1. Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, shavers. 
  2. Toothbrush, toothpaste and toothbrush holder
  3. Hand soap
  4. Shower sprays, a little bin and bin liners
  5. Toilet cleaner, bleach, toilet brush
  6. Towels (bath towels, flannels and hand towels)
  7. Toilet rolls


Many halls provide a toaster and a kettle, but make sure you check what’s available before you show up empty handed.

  1. Mugs
  2. Pans in all shapes and sizes 
  3. Chopping board
  4. Cutlery, sharp knives and various kitchen utensils 
  5. Plates and bowls 
  6. Bin bags, sandwich bags, foil, cling film, tea towels
  7. A week’s food shop at least and bagsy a shelf in the fridge & cabinets
  8. Baking trays
  9. Tuppaware
  10. Tea bags, sugar, milk, bread and butter are a must!

We always recommend doing a food shop before you arrive to save money and stress in your first week. 

Buy things like bread, milk, tins of beans, butter, pasta and sauce (all the classic student meals) that you can prepare easily when you’re wrapped up in Fresher’s excitement. Most halls and apartments have convenience stores nearby or downstairs, but it isn’t always a given and they can work out expensive and unhealthy. 

Once you get your bearings, be sure to find economical supermarkets and start planning your meals in accordance to your desired health and everyday wealth. Most supermarkets have a store finder page on their website so you can find out how close the nearest store is to you. Supermarkets like Lidl and Aldi are a great way to save some money on your food shop. Check out Aldi’s store finder by clicking HERE.


This has been post has been written and put together for you by:

Tina Phoenix

Tina Phoenix