How to Keep Safe on a Night Out

Safe Night Out

In light of the recent news surrounding women being spiked in clubs and bars we wanted to share our thoughts on how to keep safe on a night out. All of us at I Love Student Nights believe that safety is essential on a night out. We also understand that NO ONE should be targeted in any circumstances but these are tips to help you feel safer on a night out.

Although nights out should mainly be about fun, being safe is also important. There are several things you can do to help make sure you’re being as safe as possible. Most of these tips may seem obvious but often get overlooked on nights out.

Stay in Groups

When you’re going out it is safer to stay in groups. Stay with your friends and watch out for each other.

Keep Your Drink with You

Always keep your drink with you. Leaving drinks unattended increases the chance of you getting spiked, as anything can be slipped into your drink in a single moment.

We have a few tips on what to look out for if you think your drink has been spiked on our Insta

Book Taxis or Plan You Journey

If you can, book your taxi through licensed taxi apps like Uber or Bolt. If you are unable to book a taxi, make sure you have a planned safe route. If you are getting on a bus, it is safer to stay in the lower deck just in case you need to alert the driver. If you’re getting on a train, try to sit in the carriage with other people. If you’re walking, stick to well-lit areas if possible try and call a friend or a family member.

Don’t Bring More Than You Need

Try and only bring items that you need. Also put items in places that are secure (most things with a zip).

Ask If You Need Help

If you need help, make sure you let staff know at the venue. If you feel unsafe or worried about another person alert a member of staff.

Another tip on how to stay safe on a night out is the code Ask for Angela. This code-phrase is part of a safety initiative to give people who feel unsafe, threatened or vulnerable the chance to discreetly alert a member of the bar staff that they need help. This code can help in many situations for example if you need help trying to find a friend, get security, provide a taxi or call the police.

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