Lola Lo Manchester

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What's it like?

Lola Lo is brimming with luscious cocktails, late-night artisans and party hearty dance floors, a tiki-tavern where raucous parties reign supreme.

A venue spread over three levels: a lower ground floor, a ground floor and a mezzanine, creating a multiple-tiered tiki paradise. With DJs playing in the evenings and through the night, exotic, beach-themed drinks and live entertainment, Lola Lo breathes a fresh vibrancy into the Deansgate Locks scene.

Additional unique features a secret selfie room and a casual dining operation. Lola Lo Manchester has an exotic edge on the existing bars on the Locks.

When's it open?


Tuesday CLOSED

Wednesday 7PM-3AM

Thursday 7PM-3AM

Friday 4PM-3AM

Saturday 12PM-3AM


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