Freshers 2022

What's on in Manchester!


Freshers week, also known as Welcome Week is a welcome period for new students starting out at UK universities.

Freshers week sees thousands of students as they move to their university city for the first time. It’s the a week where you can make friends, learn more about your academic course, your campus and your nightlife scene. 

Freshers week typically starts the week (or in some cases two weeks) before the start of lessons, with most falling in September with the exception of a few in October.

The term ‘freshers’ is used to describe students in their first year of university. Most freshers live in shared accommodation, called “Halls” from September to June.

Freshers Week lasts anywhere from 4 days to 2 weeks, where first-year students are welcomed to their university with a variety of events, parties, as well as Freshers Fairs.

Freshers’ fairs are the go-to event for finding out everything you need to know about your university. They give you a one-stop-shop for finding out about what your Students’ Union or your Students’ Association has to offer, including information on sports clubs, societies, as well as volunteering opportunities

Freshers is one of the busiest weeks you’ll ever have. You may eventually begin to feel under the weather. To keep the dreaded freshers flu under control – drink plenty of water, eat well and get some rest.