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Manchester lives and breathes the arts and Cargo Manchester is no different. Located in the iconic heart of The Printworks, and if there’s one thing we know it’s how to party. We’re ready to give you everything you love about the Manchester nightlife scene, while adding our own unique expertise, making your clubbing experience iconic and unforgettable. Everything you need is now under our roof. We Have Big Ambitions. The ambition to be the forefront of the Manchester nightlife scene. Cargo is a place where you can party till the sun rises but also a place where you can enjoy elegant cocktails and ice cold refreshing beers.

The Club That Is Always Open For Manchester.
Cargo is the perfect spot for celebrations. Make use of our 3000 capacity space, Martin Audio sound systems, DJ-lead parties, live music and brunches PLUS free entry 7 days a week! Get in touch with our team and we will prepare a bespoke offering just for you!

When's it open?

Monday 12pm- 4am

Tuesday 12pm- 4am

Wednesday 12pm- 4am

Thursday 12pm- 4am

Friday 12pm- 4.30am

Saturday 12pm- 4.30am

Sunday 12pm- 4am

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